Established in 2013, Everett K makes limited-edition, handcrafted neckties and bow ties. Inspired by iconic looks and timeless style, my designs aim to reinvent the urban wardrobe.

At Everett K, you’ll see cotton, chambray, denim, seersucker and suiting wool for their muted finishes. I focus on fabric with rustic textures and simple, understated patterns—
because at the end of the day, sharp style’s all about the detail.

My self-tie bow ties are a modern adaptation of the classic diamond point shape. Sexy yet classy, these ties have been a statement piece since back in the day.
Wear them and you’re pretty much guaranteed to get a smile. Or a number.

I’ve always been into ties. Not because I’m a suit or anything. Nope. It was more like this: As a design-obsessed teen playing drums in various new wave and punk bands,
I started wearing ties to get a look going on. In my mind, ties were (and are) an essential accessory. They were never an obligation.
So, I’m all about the skinny tie vibe—and I don’t mess around with shiny silk or the traditional wide stuff. It’s not that kinda party.

I design my ties in Portland, Oregon, where I live and work. They’re then handcrafted and sewn in small quantities in Brooklyn, New York.
Portland. Brooklyn. Can’t get much better than that.

about me

I’m Todd Everett Kinner, Designer/Tie Evangelist behind Everett K. I got into making ties after an intense search for the perfect tie for my 2012 wedding. I had to abandon the mission and design my own, because, like I said earlier, the key to looking sharp is in the details. Especially on your wedding day.

The following summer, I started working on a pattern for a self-tie bow tie. After some experimentation, I introduced Everett K, a line of limited edition handcrafted ties & bow ties—that, in 2013, were exclusively available at my shop.

Speaking of my shop, I’m also the owner of The Haberdashery, a men’s designer consignment shop in Portland that was recently awarded the #1 Men’s Boutique in Portland by the readers of the Portland Mercury. If you’re in town, be sure to roll by and say hey to me and my French Bulldog/shop assistant Ruby Woo.

In the summer of 2014, I launched this website & followed up with a debut runway show at Fade to Light at the Crystal Ballroom in Portland, Oregon. And then this year, I presented some new designs in my 2015 Lookbook.

I wear ties pretty much every day. Because I just like to wear ties.